Window Replacement in Kitchener


Is it time to replace my windows and doors and look for new windows?

Does my home need new windows / doors?¬†Interestingly enough, even new home windows can be of sub standard quality, as windows and doors come in a vast range of types and quality. Ask yourself the following questions – you’ll know when it’s time for new windows.

  • Do I prepare my windows and exterior doors for the changing weather each season?
  • Do I install or remove storm windows and patio doors with the seasons?
  • Do I have to perform regular window maintenance like scraping and cleaning, peeling paint?
  • Do my windows and doors need caulk or paint occasionally?
  • Are all my windows easy to operate in case of an emergency exit?
  • Do I feel drafts around my windows or doors when they are closed?
  • Is there moisture or dirt between the two panes of glass in my windows?
  • Do I feel the cold or the heat when standing by my windows?
  • Do I have water leaking inside or into the wall causing internal damage and increasing the risk of mold development?
  • Am I paying too much money to heat or cool my home?
  • Are my windows and exterior doors providing my home proper security against forced entries or break-ins?
  • Do I hear excessive noise entering from outside even when my windows are closed?
  • Are my windows and doors plain ugly, or do injustice to the rest of my home’s facade and interior design?
  • If I would consider selling my home, will my windows cause lower offers?
  • Am I putting myself at physical risk maintaining my windows?